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long story short:

oddballwiki is a non-open, MediaWiki based database about keeping unusual fish species - so called oddballs. same as predatory fish/monsterfish or just species beyond the usual mainstream fish store variety.
oddballwiki emerged from the german based RaubfischWiki, which was first released in 2007.
we will present you fish caresheets as simple as possible, without any noteworthy text blocks within a database entry. most information is hidden behind icons, which symbolize a specific characteristic of a fish. if you don't know, what an icon exactly means - just click on it and you will discover more.
an instruction, on how to use oddballwiki to you own benefit, can be found here: How to Use .
additionally we will produce short youtube videos on our channel. these videos will expand the information within a fish entry a lot, because they're focused on one species or the whole genus. every video will be linked visible within database entries.
wiki fish entries plus youtube videos will complete your research on oddball fish keeping.

short story long:

oddballwiki isn't a open wiki, you may know from Wikipedia or other Wiki based pages. you can't take an active part, unless you want to Help us with bug reporting or new images, you make available for oddballwiki. you can also send us corrections or any help, you think, is meaningful for this wiki.
it's also possible to Support us via Patreon, Paypal etc.
oddballwiki is a one-man-project and most of the images in this wiki were also mady by me.
before oddballwiki went live in 2022, there was a german based site, so called "RaubfischWiki" (PredatoryFishWiki), which I created in 2007. but it wasn't my first try to establish an online database for predatory and oddbal fish.
it all started, when I was about 12 years old and created my first website - "floessler".de" in 2001. it was my start for this concept, but it took 6 more years, until the idea of a wiki was born.

floessler.de > Exotic Pisces > Raubfische.net > RaubfischWiki > oddballwiki

well, I started more than one attempt to build such a site, as you can see in the picture, which shows the evolution of my first site until it became the oddballwiki, you know.
the "RaubfischWiki" has been discontinued years ago, because it took too much time and as I said - it was always an one-man-project. the other problem with this site was, that it was so old, that it wasn't possible to update it in any form.
in addition to that the concept of oddballwiki differs from the old wiki concept - making new database entries much easier as it was before. mainly because oddballwiki uses a simple data management system, MediaWiki can offer today. you want to know how a new entry is made? well... it may look complex, but when the general conditions are given, it's very simple.
as I write this text, I use an external file, where I can put variables or fulltext in.
the file looks like that:

this will be a simple form in the near future...

yes, the variable names are in german. because it's much easier to spot the topics and differentiate them from the text, you'll see in the wiki.
with this short and simple system entries can be produced very efficiently.
in the future we also want to produce weekly youtube videos for various species and we want to add articles, which are already existing, translated to english.
with all that, oddballwiki is going to become a huge online encyclopedia for keeping oddball and predatory fish.
I hope you can benefit from our work and find the fish that interests you the most!