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welcome on oddballwiki is a non-open, MediaWiki based database about keeping unusual fish species - so called oddballs. Same as predatory fish/monsterfish or just species beyond the usual mainstream fish store variety. oddballwiki emerged from the german based RaubfischWiki, which was first released in 2007.
oddballwiki will present you a ton of fish caresheets, plus individual youtube videos about many fish species in the near future!
we recommend to have a look at the ''quick guide'' at the bottom of this page first!
If you want to learn more about oddballwiki itself, you should read About oddballwiki.
Please notice: We just started a few days ago. New content will be added regularly and some missing key features like the Custom Search may have a higher priority.
What's New? the custom search is now available!
see "Patchnotes".
articles coming soon!
newest video new videos will follow during this year
random images

quick overview: how to use oddballwiki a short "How to".
using oddballwiki and all it's functions most efficient.
coming soon!