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the Custom Search is now available!
yes, the extension for mediawiki, so called "category search" isn't available anymore, but I managed to write a script, which allows you to search for specific categories only.
for that I changed every category name, today. some categories may sound a bit weird now. and some links may not work today. this will be fixed soon.
but all in all - Custom Search now works and will be a powerful tool for searching, if this database grow bigger.


oddballwiki.com in it's first alpha status went live today!
still much to do and much fish entries to create. from now on we'll inform you about every new species added to the database and every big change on this page. you can find these notes on this page right here or you can follow us on Facebook to get all the notifications you'll want.
as you can see, there's still much to do. here is a list with the most important changes which will come very soon:

custom search

the Custom Search feature is one of the most important functions on oddballwiki. right now it's not implemented yet, because there's a bit coding to do.

new icons in fish entries

all icons are "beta" versions right now. they're useable, but not exactly what we're looking for. they'll change in the near future.

page content

for sure there's much to do beneath new fish entries. every site needs to be filled now. additionally the category descriptions for every category used are missing right now. this has a high priority because oddballwiki uses very specific categories for fish caresheets, which must be explained.
so this "feature" has a very high priority and will be worked on right now!

youtube videos

the concept of oddballwiki is, that you'll have minimalistic fish entries which can be understood very quickly, without explicit full text parts. additionally to that, we're working on a new Youtube channel where we'll create video caresheets in short videos for a species or a whole genus. these videos will implemented in the fish entry sites.
this new feature will start at last.

rightbar content / advertising

as you may see, there's a small gap right next to this text box. this is an unused sidebar which can be specified individually. the plan is to have sponsored sites.
also there'll be a report button, you can use for content you disagree with or if you spotted a mistake.
more sidebar features may also come in the near future...


beside simplified fish entries and short youtube clips about a species, there will still be room for longer articles and similar text pages. some german articles will follow soon, which may be translated into english.
we would appreciate if viewers would also send us their fish keeping information / articles and so on...

many more...

please remember: at this point oddballwiki.com is just in it's "alpha version phase".
the page is ready to be filled with content and grapic bugs are minor at this point. so many things and much content will come in the near future, don't worry!
we plan to exceed the database of our predecessor by far, because creating new entries is much easier in oddballwiki. we keep you updated! :-)

a few last words for now: we would really appreciate you to send us images, we can use for this site. there will be more information on that soon on the page Help us. you can put your own copyright ON the image itsself. you'll be also mentioned in the database entry footer and on the image site itsself. you won't lose any copyright claims.
also there'll be a Patreon site and the page Support us where you can actually support us via Patreon or Paypal.
oddballwiki is a huge project and takes time. right now it's a one-man-project, like RaubfischWiki was. so every support for my/our work is very welcome!
thank you for your attention - oddballwiki will keep you updated from now on! :-)